…To the inaugural post of the To Science with Love blog.

When contemplating how we would start this new adventure, we came across a request from the Science Club for Girls blog for advice letters to be written to our younger selves.  It seemed like the perfect way to reflect on our careers, remembering why we chose science, and also provided us with the means to help out another similarly minded blog.

Here are some excerpts from our letters to ourselves.

Kirstin:  You are the master of your own destiny but don’t get discouraged when your expectations fail to match up with reality.  Have confidence in your self.  Don’t let one person’s wrong impressions dictate your career path.  Realize that a college curriculum is merely a set of guidelines. Design your own career track.  Follow your interests and allow them to direct your scientific career. Always keep asking questions.  This is where you will find the most joy, in science and in life.

Amanda:  Don’t worry about money, just do what makes you happy and keeps you challenged.  You will save time in the future if you follow your dreams now.  In the end, do what you love and work hard; you can’t go wrong.

Erin: Have courage to believe in and pursue your dreams, take risks, get outside your comfort zone, try new things.  You only grow by acknowledging and overcoming obstacles.  And the things that scared you the most will be some of the greatest experiences of your life.  Sometimes it’s about proving something to yourself, sometimes you wind up making new friends and meeting new people along the way, and sometimes you wind up discovering things about yourself in the process.


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