Mirror, Mirror on My Online Wall

: A mirror, reflecting a vase. Español: : Un e...During this process of evolution in my scientific career, I have participated in several job workshops and read many articles concerning the things I should and should not be doing during a job search.  Though some advice has failed to ‘ring true’ with me, there have been other tidbits that have affected how I manage my search.

One popular topic is how to manage your individual information online so that it positively reflects who you are and what you stand for. The Online ID Calculator is one tool that I’ve learned about that helps with this issue.  Developed by Reach, a personal branding firm, the Online ID Calculator is designed to help you make sense of the results you get after Googling yourself. They recommend using the calculator at least once a year to see how your online ID  has changed.  Last year, I realized that the privacy settings on my Facebook and LinkedIn accounts were not what I thought they were.  This year, since we’ve created this blog, my online ID has become more ‘digitally distinct’.  However, I was again reminded that there are still things that I could do to make my name be truly reflective of who I am.


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