Etsy+Scholarships=New Opps for Female Programmers

PD image of ENIAC Two women operating the ENIA...

I stumbled across another great idea, passed along via The Daily Good.  During my personal investigations into the lives of female scientists, I’ve discovered that the true inequality lies in the realms of engineering and mathematics.  There has even been a phrase coined to describe the phenomenon…the Dave-to-Girl ratio. Etsy, in its efforts to hire more female engineers, has realized this as well.  They recently announced a collaboration with the Hacker School to promote the recruitment and support of 20 women  to this summer’s session.  By supporting the recruitment of women to this program, Etsy hopes to increase the ratio of female to male engineers that exists today.

Again, it’s only through one step at a time that one is able to travel a mile. Here’s to another step!


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